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Swarming occurs several times per year here in tropical Florida because of the favorable weather and the myriad locations in which bee hives can be secure.  During swarm season, each hive splits when a new queen is born; the old queen and the new queen each have half of the bees from the hive, and two colonies then exist in two separate locations.

Initially, bees don’t fly too far from their original hive, but scout bees find a location nearby for the swarm to rest. This cluster of 5,000 or more bees, land after swirling about, an awe-inspiring and even scary sight. Usually the bees form an elongated shape, such as that of an egg, football, or teardrop, but this is an intermediate stop and IS NOT for permanent habitation.  Though a huge ball of bees may be frightening, the entire swarm will normally LEAVE WITHIN 72 HOURS and fly together, looking like a big black cloud, to a good location found by scout bees, a place that is suitable for them to create a permanent hive.

So there they are, on a tree in your yard or on the side of your house.  They weren’t there yesterday…or, at least, you didn’t notice them.  Money-saving tip:  wait a day or so and see if they leave. If bees are in one location for days, weeks, months, or even years, and you want to eliminate the infestation OR if there is an emergency situation, such as proven medical reaction to bee venom or a high traffic area in a mall, you NEED bee removal by experts.We are THE EXPERTS you want!The ORIGINAL Willie the Bee Man has only highly-trained, experienced, knowledgeable, honest, professional technicians who WORK ONLY WITH BEES and BEE REMOVAL.

Successful BEE REMOVAL requires extensive training, an acute eye, and a delicate touch, because those honey bees need to be removed from your residential or commercial property. BEE REMOVAL can also be complicated, even huge, though most of the time, all you, the customer,  will see is a dozen or so honey bees going in and out of a hole or crack somewhere on a building, house, or other structure.   What most people don’t expect– and are surprised to find– is that right behind that tiny opening are thousands, or even tens of thousands, of bees, continuously building wax, making more and more deposits of honey, and protecting their colony INSIDE the structure,

In my wall?

that is, inside a wall, soffit, roof, ceiling, or other seemingly-impenetrable surface. Once the cavity is opened and we expose the hive, clients are amazed to find 50, 60, even over 100+ pounds of honeycomb filled with DELICIOUS raw honey and thousands of babies in the brood!  


Proper BEE REMOVAL will usually require opening the cavity in which the bees are entering the building,

Bees entering soffit

whether it is a concrete block wall, a barrel tile roof, the bathroom ceiling, the playset floor,  or the roof extension soffit on your property.  State of Florida licensing assures you that the company is accountable for its work and that technicians acquire the continuous training and education required to give your situation the best possible safe and effective treatment.

Willie The Bee Man guarantees that this bee infestation will be eradicated!  Please note that there is NO deterrent chemical or process that can prevent other bees from establishing a colony on your property at another time.  Engaging The Original Willie The Bee Man as your BEE REMOVAL specialists to rid your property of bees, you may be confident and comfortable knowing that our company is family owned and operated, and is fully licensed and insured.

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After the colony is gone, we MUST REMOVE the nest. If the nest is NOT REMOVED, the wax combs — normally cooled by the bees — will melt and allow honey to flow down through the walls.Honey stain can never be removed;  the walls will have to be replaced.

Don't clean out the beehive and You might get this mess!

As well, the freed honey attracts robber bees and wasps and swarms. The comb wax will attract wax moths that may persist for several years. The Small Hive Beetle larvae tunnels through combs of honey, feeding and defecating, causing discoloration and fermentation of the honey.The dead bees will attract carpet beetles (not the ones that sing “Let it Be”) also the dead bees will decay and smell badly.